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Are you looking for a new healthcare career? We seek candidates who are committed to the highest work standard, share our values and align with our culture. If you have the skills and qualifications for an open position, please carefully review the About and Culture pages before sending your resume. We want to ensure each employee is a great fit for the position and our culture.

Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN): Part-Time


Night Shift: Med-Surg/ER


Delivers care to patients utilizing the nursing process of assessment, planning, intervention, implementation, and evaluation; and effectively interacts with patients, significant others, and other health team members while maintaining standards of professional nursing.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS of this job description include but are not limited to:

  1. Assists with preparation, implementation, and continuing evaluation of nursing care for clients of all ages, which involves all specialties.
  2. Provides patient education, identifies patient/family needs; and implements measures to meet those needs.
  3. Communicates effectively with all levels of people.
  4. Functions as a contributing team member.
  5. Promotes positive public relations to physicians, patients, visitors, other employees, and the community.
  6. Maintains competency and environment of care.
  7. Participates in performance improvement activities.
  8. Provides for patients’/significant others’ rights and safety; strives to manage situations in a manner to reduce risk while following legal and regulatory standards.
  9. Performs other tasks and duties as assigned in an efficient, effective and cost conscious manner, complying with all hospital policies, procedures, and regulations.


  • Graduate of an accredited school of Nursing (RN or LPN Program).
  • Current RN or LPN license, in good standing with the State licensing board
  • Previous experience in patient care setting preferred.
  • Interpersonal skills necessary in order to communicate effectively with patients, physicians, and other hospital personnel often requiring exceptional courtesy and tact.
  • Critical thinking and multitasking skills.
  • Ability to read, write, and follow written and verbal instructions independently.
  • Basic math and computer skills.


Scope of Bidding

(Foremost each property needs to be visually and physically inspected before bidding)

To have bidders give prices on each individual address, the bid may be transferable to a Tenant that may lease the facilities.

Bidders give prices as a whole for all the address, because the property owners may take the entire bid for all the facilities in one contract.

Bids may be given to more than one Lawn Care Company.

Contract Requirements

Wording is expected to itemize services under the proposed contract. Also, to address any circumstances that may occur outside of proposed contract. Lawn Care Company must give:

  • -Commercial Liability Insurance.
  • -Workman Compensation Insurance.
  • -Pesticide License by the pesticide provider.
  • -Longevity history with one customer.
  • -Blue Card Holder of Georgia Soil & Water Conservation Commission by the  company disturbing any soil in the amount it will cause erosion
  • -Expected to dial 811 Call before you dig/starting any projects.

Duties will include:

  • -No mowers are to be driven on/over the Helicopter Pad.
  • -Edge beds, sidewalks, curbing in parking lots, and along drives.
  • -Control of weeds in plant beds, parking lots, street and side walk.
  • -Control of insects and disease with chemicals when necessary.
  • -Clean parking lots, streets, sidewalks, which includes the following:  Removing trash, bottles, broken glass, dirt build-up in corners of parking  lots and grass clippings, fallen limbs, and animal carcasses.
  • -All plants should be kept in a healthy condition. This includes: Trimming,  fertilizing, insect control and pruning when necessary.
  • -The lawns, shrubbery, and trees must be fertilized twice a year, in the Spring  and in the Fall. All labor to apply fertilizer will be assumed by the contractor  as a part of this contract.
  • -Pine Straw will be applied twice a year. All labor to apply straw and cost of  pine straw will have to be approved before applying any addresses.
  • -When water is needed on the lawn and shrubs or the maintenance of the  sprinkler system is needed, it should be coordinated with the Maintenance  Supervisor.
  • -Any work not stated in this agreement must be approved by the Maintenance  Supervisor, or Hospital Administrator, or Property Owners prior to  beginning work.
  • -Garden Area inside the Hospital Building near the Laboratory, kept clean of  debris removed as need from the area. Debris being: Fallen limbs, cigarette  butts, trash on the ground, and any items that may hideous this area. Pine  straw and/or ground coverage may be needed from time to time.
  • -Lawn mowing as conditions promote the growth is expected once a week.
  • -In summer/fall/winter times of drought, lawn mowing may be at a minimal.  During these periods Burke Medical Center reserves the discretion to stop  mowing as so needed to conserve funds, however other lawn care duties  should stay in affect. Lawn Care Provider is expected to adjust in the event of  this situation. Otherwise normal mowing conditions will incur. As well as  heavy periods of rain may incur extra mowing BMC is expected to adjust in  the event of this situation.


Additional expenses for Fertilizer, Weed & Insect Chemicals, Pine Straw, will be paid by Burke Medical Center. Contractor shall make one on-site inspection visit each month and/or as needed. Payments terms or to be discuss upon approval of acceptance after the bidding process.


Packets can be mailed or submitted at:

Burke Medical Center

C/O Maintenance Department

351 South Liberty Street

Waynesboro, Georgia 30830


ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS of this job description include but are not limited to:

  1. Performs requested pathological procedures under limited supervision and according to policies and procedures in a timely manner.
  2. Conducts established quality control procedures on analytical tests, instruments, and other products.
  3. Coordinates simultaneous tests with accuracy.
  4. Maintains adequate supply levels and prepares evaluations on new products, supplies, and/or equipment as requested.
  5. Inspects and maintains instruments and equipment in proper working order.
  6. Maintains a neat and clean work environment.
  7. Working with other hospital staff members to provide quality patient care and maintain a positive, professional working environment.
  8. Performs other tasks and duties as assigned in an efficient, effective and cost conscious manner, complying with all hospital policies, procedures, and regulations.


  • Certification through ASCP, AMT, AAB, or another approved certifying organization required.
  • Six to twelve months of job experience is preferred to acquire thorough knowledge of a variety of laboratory testing procedures, proper specimen handling, and to be able to perform more complex testing procedures.
  • Must have strong interpersonal skills, analytical skills, and be able to concentrate, multi-task, and pay close attention to detail.
  • Knowledge of chemistry, biology, mathematics, and specific clinical laboratory technology as well as ability to recognize abnormal test results and ability to operate laboratory computerized equipment at a level normally acquired through completion of a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Medical Technology, BS in Clinical Laboratory Science, or a BS in Chemistry or Biology with additional appropriate clinical training.


Normal clinical laboratory and patient care environment, with occasional exposure to physical discomforts due to unpleasant odors from chemicals, specimens, and fumes. Occasional exposure to infectious specimens or hazardous material. Potential for personal harm or injury is limited when proper safety and infection control precautions are followed. Standing for long uninterrupted periods of time, reaching, and bending for supplies is to be expected.



Also, please submit your resume for us to keep on file if you are a:

  • Physician
  • Physician assistant
  • Certified registered nurse anesthetist
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Registered nurse
  • Licensed nurse practitioner
  • Medical technologist
  • Respiratory therapist
  • Radiology technologist
  • Surgical technologist

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